My opinion of Voyager Health Technologies V3 – Does V3 Work?

For those of you that are afraid to try yet another product, I can fully understand! Many products have con money out of us by using perfect looking actors to sell their stuff. Advertising is very deceiving. Sure, to keep from being sued, their actors must use the product before getting in front of the camera, but was it only their product that help them look that way. Short answer, NO! Voyager V3 is different in the respect because they don’t pay actors to promote their product. They use regular people like you to do the talking for them. So, is Voyager V3 Worth it?


My First Dose



Little over 4 months ago, a friend of mine told me about Voyager V3 and sent me a sample. Once I was able to monitor how it made me feel, I took it. Now, about an hour after taking this, I noticed my alertness and energy spiked. I felt great. I was happier and full of energy for about 6 hours. I finished out my day like it was just a stroll in the park. My wife made me a pound cake that day and I love pound cake, but I didn’t want it at the time. Now, of course, considering my wife made it for me, I ate a slice, but the important thing was I could have easily done without. As a matter of fact, I didn’t snack at all that day. I had to force myself to eat something

The Down Side

Voyager Health Technologies claims they are no side effects, but around about the 7th hour, I felt like i just ran across country at top speed. I crashed harder than a head on collision. Now, I haven’t read of any other reports of crashing on V3, but I did. My mood was still on the up and up, but I was so tired. I came home, ate my dinner and fell asleep watching Red Heat. I used to drink Energy Drinks like Monster and Venom, so, I’m no stranger to crashing. I slept like a baby, though. So, I guess with anything there’s a trade off

My First Month On V3



Because it was just a sample, there was no way to know if it would help me with weight loss. I knew that it will definitely

help with cravings and mood, which in itself is worth the price of admission and mostly the reason why I purchased myself a bottle, but I still wanted to know if this can help me lose weight. At the time, I was over 300 lbs and I could stand to loose a few. I am naturally a big guy and don’t want to get too small, but still want to be under 240 lbs without my full keg I call a belly.





My Second Month On V3

I lost 25 lbs my first month! Yup! 25 lbs!I can’t say anything other than, WOW! Now, I was told that the first month would be the most I will loose simply because my body is new to the supplement, but still. This was amazing. You could see it in my face that I was loosing weight even though I was far from being at my goal weight. the down side, though is that stupid crashing. I had to stat taking Voyager V3 around 12 so I would crash before I got home. It is manageable this way. By the time I get home, I’m ready for bed anyway so this isn’t like a big deal and I still have yet to speak to someone that experience the same thing.

My Third Month on V3

By this point, I figured that I would start seeing poor results across the board. I figured that my mood or energy level will start to level off, but even after my body has gotten used to V3, I still had great energy when I take it and my mood spikes as well. My weight loss, however, did take a hit. This month I lost 13 lbs. Still losing the weight, which is good, but not nearly as much as the first. Didn’t expect it to stay this way, I just hoped that it did. I still experienced the crashing about the 6 or 7th hour mark. At this point, though i had my timing nailed. I started taking V3 about 3 o’clock instead of in the morning or mid-day. Great energy throughout the day with no jitters; definitely a plus.

I decided that I wanted to keep the weight coming off so, I joined a gym at Retro Fitness, about 3 miles away from my house. I planned on walking to the gym and doing some weight training to buff up a bit while losing the fat and as you will shortly see, my walking everyday for 3 mile to and from with an hour of weight training has paid off!

My Forth Month on V3



Today, it is 7/1/2011 and today I weighed in at a Staggering 254 lbs!!!!!! I am on my way! Now, I still don’t eat as clean as I could. If I did, I could loose more weight. I hardly eat junk food anymore because I only crave them in the morning before I take V3. I figure if I can make it to 3 pm without biting into any junk I’ll be fine and it works. Its not fool proof. There are times I don’t make it, but Its not all that bad. I never see any difference from the first time I took V3 to now as far as energy levels, mood, and appetite control is concerned. Unfortunately, I don’t see any difference in the crashing, either. I visited my doctor 3 weeks ago, and he explain that my body is using more fuel to keep my energy level at their peak and this is probably whats causing the crashes. He informs me, however, that it nothing wrong with it and that I am a perfect bill of health.


Final Thoughts On V3



Mood: 5 Stars

Energy Boost: 4 Stars

Craving Control: 5 Stars

Weight Loss: 5 Stars

Side Effects: 3.5 Stars

So, there you go. For me, Voyager V3 is worth the money and the time, but don’t take my word for it. Try it for one month for yourself. If it can help you lose 10 lbs a month while you still enjoy your favorite foods, but in moderation, then why not? Click Buy Voyager V3 to get your first bottle. You can try a Free Sample of Voyager V3 as well. I am confident that after you see what it does for you with energy and mood that you will get you a bottle to experience weight lose as well.

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